Monday, May 24, 2010

Spring Seeding

Spring seeding is complete, as of last Saturday, May 22, 2010. This year there was no indoor seed starts due to busyness with new baby and loss of spare room from the same event. All seeding was direct outdoors.

Utrecht Blue wheat under glass to help warm the soil. Lovage in bottom left of above photo planned to be removed and passed on to friends. The lovage takes up too much space and we hardly use a fraction of it.

New strawberry starts from neighbour adding to the existing strawberry bed. Oregano (bottom right in above photo) unexpectedly came up from last year.

2010 garden layout (above).

2009 garden layout above (forgot to post last year).

Now we wait for the rains and warm weather!


Basement Dweller said...

Any space leftover in that garden for some basil and perhaps a few other herbs?

Anonymous said...

It's so exciting trying something new. This year it's potatoes for me.

Middle Earth Garden said...

Anonymous: Hope your potatoes do well! It's like a treasure hunt when it comes time to dig them up :-)