Friday, April 16, 2010

Rhubarb is Up!

I use the rhubarb as an informal gauge as to whether spring is progressing quickly, slowly, or average.

In previous years the rhubarb has started it's rebirth on April 15 (2008) and April 25 (2009). With only a three-year track record, it's hard to say if it's early or average timing, but most likely average since spring 2009 was generally on the late side.

It's located on the north facing side of the garage so somewhat less affected by early Chinooks (shaded soil there taking longer to warm up than soil in the sun). With today's high reaching around +18 C after a cold week, the temperature in combination with daylight hours seems to have convinced it to wake up.


The Blog Fodder said...

I miss rhubarb pie and crisp. The stuff originated over here and there are wild varieties around but no one eats it.

Question for you - ever heard of Mole Crickets? Apparently we have them, the are crickets that burrow under ground in gardens. Tanya says they are big and they fly. she says planting soybeans (I think) will get rid of them.

Dave said...

I've kept track of the spring rhubarb event in my backyard in Edmonton (shaded by N-side of house) since 2005 (9 Apr), 2006 (2 Apr), 2007 (16 Apr), 2008 (30 Apr), 2009 (13 Apr), 2010 (15 Apr).

The late 2008 was probably more to do with trauma than cold (although it was a very cold Spring) - Epcor moved the gas meter outside in the Fall and buried the rhubarb for a week with the diggings. It looked sad.

No obvious pattern to me except 2006 must have been a warm Spring.