Saturday, November 27, 2010

Local Organic Spelt Growers

I am researching options for purchasing local organic spelt. My gut reacts strongly to consumption of regular wheat, but I have discovered spelt has no such ill effects.

So far we have been purchasing organic spelt from the Daybreak-Scheresky Mill in Estevan, Saskatchewan (via a health food store in a small Saskatchewan town where the in-laws live). I have been wondering what other options may be out there and cost comparisons, since we use a lot of it. If anyone has info further to what is listed here, please let us know.

I contacted a local Calgary bakery and they said they source most of their spelt from Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Other sources I have found, so far, via the internet includes:

Grainworks Inc. (Kincaid, SK)
A family farm moved in 2001 from near Vulcan, AB to SW Saskatchewan (near hamlet of Kincaid). They sell various organic products including spelt.

Gold Forest Grains (near Edmonton, AB)
Do not currently grow spelt, but plan to in the near future.

General Directories of Organic Farms

Saskatchewan and Alberta Organic Farm Directory (no spelt growers currently listed)

Calgary Area Organic Crop Growers Directory (no spelt growers currently listed)

Alberta Virtual Farm Tour (no spelt growers currently listed)

This page will be updated as I discover more related info.

Above photos are of the family farm I grew up on in Saskatchewan.


UK said...

Can I just say this blog is what got me through the day today? Every time I read it, I just get more and more excited about what’s next. I’m glad that I came across this when I did. I love what you’ve got to say and the way you say it.

Middle Earth Garden said...

UK: Glad you enjoy reading the blog. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Anonymous said...

It's now Saturday 25 February 2012. Today Community Natural Foods (CNF) in Calgary told me that their 2kg pre-packaged organic spelt flour is is from the Daybreak Scheresky Mill in Estevan. I think the same stuff is in the bulk bin, too. D-S products range from 500g to 20kg. I'm not sure about the labelling/terms but it looks like you can get "regular" spelt flour and a "whole grain" spelt flour.

Here is their facebook page:

Here is the Products page with PDF order form on their website:

CNF told me that they also use Oak Manor all purpose spelt flour.

Middle Earth Garden said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the info!