Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local Calgary Area Farms

For the most part, the garden produce from the backyard is a supplement to regular purchases from the local Co-op grocery store. However, I have been seeking alternative local sources for certain bulk purchases, mainly grain and meat.

The following is intended as a mostly personal reference summarizing local Calgary area farms that sell produce through non-retail outlets such as direct to consumers and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's). I will include links to Farmer's Markets in Calgary, but not include individual links to the farms at the markets as they are likely already listed online.

Community Supported Agriculture

A comprehensive list can be found at the following link:

Community Supported Agriculture in Alberta

Some of the farms include:

Oxyoke Farms (near Linden, AB)

Thompson Small Farm (near Sundre, AB as of MAR 2011, formerly near Carbon, AB)

Organic Grain Suppliers

Local Organic Spelt Growers - Page with additional links specifically related to Spelt Growers

Organic Agriculture Websites - links from the Alberta Government

Calgary Farmer's Markets

A list of local farmers markets can be found at (needs updating):

Calgary Farmers Markets

Another list of Calgary and area farmers markets, may be outdated plus has annoying pop-up ads:

Calgary & Area Farmers' Markets

Below: Some Calgary Farmers Markets near north Calgary with websites:

Blackfoot Farmers Market

Calgary Farmers' Market

Kingsland Farmers' Market

Usually has some local Hutterites selling veggies in the parking lot in July and August.

This page is intended mainly for my own reference and will not be comprehensive. My interest is primarily ordering cuts of meat and organic grains directly from farmers, so that is the focus of the list. I will update it from time to time. Let me know if you see any errors or have discovered a farm that should be added.


Kirstin said...


These guys aren't organic but they're the next best thing.


John Schneider - Gold Forest Grains said...

Don't forget that one of your followers is a local grain producer. LOL. We have been talking the last few days with Kingsland Market so perhaps our organic flour and grain products will be more available in Calgary this year. We are already supplying Prairie Mill Bread Co. with our organic wheat. Great post...glad to see more and more people thinking local and organic.

Middle Earth Garden said...

Don't worry John, I had you listed on the grain/Spelt page (appears with Nov 27, 2010 date as I started it a while ago and initial date retained), even though I know you are not (yet) growing spelt :-)

dwegowy said...

It seems that there is even value in looking up organic and CSA growers in your area simply to contact them and thank them for making the effort. Nothing like a pat on the back now and then, since these are the folk who operate on the margins (in many senses) at present, funded as much by enthusiasm and ethics as by cash flow.