Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rhubarb is up!

The rhubarb is up, beginning the push upward around May 5 for 2011. For comparison, previous years as follows:

2010: April 16
2009: April 25
2008: April 15

Definitely a late start this year.

Last fall I pulled out the low producing strawberries (originally transplanted from neighbour). The berries were very small (a few mm at most) and sparse. Today I transplanted some larger/higher producing strawberries from another neighbour. Nice rains this evening to help them establish. Now to figure out what all to plant this year...!


Dave said...

By way of comparison, the giant rhubarb that came with our house in Edmonton:

2005 – 9 April
2006 – 2 April
2007 – 16 April
2008 – 30 April
2009 – 13 April
2010 – 15 April
2011 – 26 April

This year it actually had to punch its way through the snow.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - i just found it.

Nice to see the rhubarb up! Mine's been up for a couple of weeks here in Okotoks. We've been picking chives since Easter. Perennial stuff like sorrel, marjoram, tarragon, spearmint sprouting well. Coolest thing so up far - my madder plants (ancient source of red dye, used for thousands of years until the advent of synthetic dyes in the 1850s, and still used for persian carpets) survived the winter. They need three years before harvesting for dyeing. I'm really happy madder seems hardy in this region. I'm growning japanese indigo/knotweed (annual) for a second season for a source of blue dye - unfortunately woad was added to the Alberta noxious plant list in 2010 (i don't get that, i've never seen woad in alberta except at Devonian botanical gardens)

More veggie planting this weekend - spinach and radishes are up.