Sunday, July 11, 2010

Calgary and Alberta Gardening Blogs

This reference page will include some other gardening blogs I have encountered and occasionally revisit. The geographic range will extend to garden locations primarily in Alberta, but may also include some from Saskatchewan (the homeland) since the climate is somewhat similar.

I should mention that Cold Climate Gardening has an excellent gardening blog directory covering much of North America. This directory includes some good blog summaries, organized alphabetically by state or province. I will be much more brief.

Calgary Gardening Blogs

Teresa's Garden Blog

Balcony Gardener

Red Deer Gardening Blogs

Alberta Home Gardening

Edmonton Gardening Blogs

The Far North Garden
Gardening and edible landscaping in cold climates.

Gardening with Latitude
Reviving a forgotten garden at the 53rd Parallel.

Gardening Zone 3b
An exploration of naturalistic gardening. Gardening for the appreciation and encouragement of nature's diversity.

The Home Bug Garden
A rumination on backyard biodiversity.

Kevin Kossowan
From the: Cellar, Wild, Garden, Local Farm

Saskatchewan Gardening Blogs

A Prairie Journal In Saskatchewan

If I have left someone out it is not because I do not enjoy your blog, but rather because time limits me from keeping up with too many. Please do not take offense!

This page will be updated as I encounter new local gardening blogs.


Anonymous said...

Holy moly. 70 % of my garden was wiped out in the storm on monday, especially stuff near fences and walls. Hope yours made it out OK!

Middle Earth Garden said...

Looks like the Middle Earth Garden missed the worst of the hail storm. We were out-of-province at the time. On our return, we found the most damage to the rhubarb leaves which was minor. I'm guessing it was pea-sized at the largest at this location.