Thursday, January 1, 2009

August 2008

Last photos of the season that I forgot to post. The sunflowers eventually got too big and fell over (lots of rain, wet soil, shallow roots likely cause). But we had a wonderful continual harvest of Kale and Swiss Chard from early August into early October or so. The swiss chard slowed down in October, but remained green and alive until early December! (we had a warmer than average fall). The radishes did not do well this year but most everything else did.

Our neighbour confessed to throwing some of her red poppy seed pods into our garden to add some colour, which was very thoughtful. From left to right in photo above: tomatoes, broccoli (swiss chard and carrots behind), peas climbing fence, and lovage (lighter green).
That's all until next year!


Cassandra said...

What type of Swiss chard did you grow? We had a long fall in Edmonton, too, but my 'Bright Lights' wilted as soon as the weather dipped below zero. I've heard it's less hardy than other varieties, but it sounds like yours was a winner.

Middle Earth said...

Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, 50 to 60 days maturity, Heritage Garden Products (from Canadian Tire). It only had about 6 hours of sunlight per day also (in summer). We would definitely recommend it. We also want to try the multi-coloured variety.