Sunday, September 13, 2009

South Winds & Marigolds

Marigolds in full bloom. No rain and above 20 C highs non-stop since mid-August, and more of the same in the forecast. Steady south winds have drained the rain barrels down and driving the grass into dormancy (haven't watered grass).

Above, left to right: Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, dill, marigolds, kale, poppy, more dill, carrots, brussels sprouts.

Above: Prairie Pride Tomatoes ripening fast, waning Lincoln/Homesteader Peas (behind) drying out.


jen said...

Any tips on growing brussel sprouts in Calgary? (ie timing on starting etc..)

Middle Earth Garden said...

Hi Jen, thanks for checking out the blog. I don't have any specific advice on the Brussels Sprouts beyond the typical advice you would find in a general gardening book. I find the plants take up a lot of room and don't produce a lot of food compared to some other plants.

I am transitioning to food producing perennials from annuals as I find the food to work ratio better in general with perennials (such as raspberries, strawberries, herbs, rhubard, asparagus, etc.). I do like having some annual veggies though. If I could somehow work from home and manage the garden on the side, I would grow more annuals.