Saturday, May 30, 2009

Heat Wave

With south and west winds blowing all week, the leaves and flowers have come out in full force (+20 C highs, +10 C lows on average). The rain barrels have run dry. So this week required City water as backup for germinating seedlings sown directly in the garden. This is a new experiment with a lot more direct seeding this year than previous years. The heat may have scorched some, and the previous cold weather rotted others, as the germination in general is poor. Next year the plan is to start more inside and transplant as this has proven to be more successful for most plants.

Most of the Green Arrow Peas planted directly in the garden April 11 have not come up. This is not surprising as this was an early planting and warm weather was delayed this spring. They likely rotted before the soil warmed up enough. Three of the four Dwarf Green Curled Kale planted directly in the garden April 11 came up but one has been mowed down by some hungry critter (cabbage butterflies?). The other two are about 1 cm tall with some munching on those as well. Kale definitely seems to do better as a transplant (or perhaps planting directly in garden at a later date?).

The California Poppies (above) thrive in the warm weather.

Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard (above) planted May 2 makes progress, currently at the four-leaf stage. It has had the best germination of all seeds planted directly in the garden this year. Peas are seen behind the Swiss Chard in the photo.

Tomatoes up to about 5 cm diameter! This is the one plant that flowered inside from which the flowers were not plucked off.

Oregano transplanted this week from inside. Planted indoors March 7.

Strawberries growing strong, transplanted from neighbours patch May 2.

Raspberries transplanted from aunt & uncle's garden May 24 with Violet tagging along on the journey.

Cherry Belle Radish (above) planted directly in garden April 11. About 70% germination overall, 20% mowed down, 50% remaining. Sparse seed spacing so didn't need much thinning (but also some gaps in rows).

Rhubarb thrives in the warm weather with no care needed. Raspberry (bottom left of above photo) transplanted May 24 growing strong. Two of the five raspberry transplants are wilting, likely did not get enough of the roots.


prairie nymph said...

due to lack of rainwater and hot weather, the kids from the park picnic came and helped water with the hose today. Some of it got on the plants!

Anonymous said...

Are California poppies self seeding? I planted some seeds a few weeks ago and they are just popping up. Yours seem much taller.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, you already answered that question for me. Sorry. At least you know that I am coming back to see how your garden is doing!

Middle Earth said...

I'm actually not sure if the California Poppy is reseeding or growing back from the roots. I have read that it is hardy to zone 6a. It may very well be growing from the roots as it's location is against the concrete wall of the house which can get quite warm from the sun even in winter and would have some heat leakage overnight in winter.

The Blog Fodder said...

We have poppies too. Don't know kind. Tanya says they are perennials but I think they just reseed themselves like crazy.